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Sedmodnevni monitoring glukoze u krvi za dijabetičare

Continuous glucose monitoring for patients with diabetes

27.05.2014. Available for patients with diabetes, continuous glucose monitoring with measurements every five minutes for up to seven days using Medtronic Guardian system.
Neki lijekovi za dijabetes povezani sa redukcijom rizika nastanka karcinoma

Certain diabetes drugs reduce cancer risk in women

16.12.2013. Researchers found that insulin sensitizers, including the drugs metformin, rosiglitazone and pioglitazone (the latter two marketed as Avandia and Actos) reduces the risk of cancer in women taking it by almost a third, says a large new study conducted by researchers at the Cleveland Clinic.
Uticaj kafe i zelenog čaja na učestalost moždanih udara

The Impact of Green Tea and Coffee Consumption on the Reduced Risk of Stroke

21.05.2013. Higher green tea and coffee consumption were inversely associated with risk of CVD and stroke in general population.
Konzumiranje cijelog jajeta može poboljšati krvne lipide

Eating Whole Eggs Can Improve Blood Lipids

26.12.2012. Eating whole eggs can improve lipoprotein profiles for patients with metabolic syndrome and also help them with weight management.
Naučnici otkrili mehanizam koji može smanjiti gojaznost

Scientists Discover Mechanism That Could Reduce Obesity

10.12.2012. Approximately 68 percent of U.S. adults are overweight or obese, according to the National Cancer Institute, which puts them at greater risk for developing cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and a host of other chronic illnesses.
Upozorenje za miješanje grejpa i lijekova

Grapefruit and pills mix warning

29.11.2012. Doctors have warned of a "lack of knowledge" about the dangers of mixing some medications with grapefruit. The fruit can cause overdoses of some drugs by stopping the medicines being broken down in the intestines and the liver.
Pušenje vjerovatnije kod neravnopravnih učenika

Smoking Likely To Start In Adolescence In Those With Low Peer Status

24.11.2012. A new study from Sweden reveals that having low peer status in adolescence is a strong risk factor for regular and heavy smoking in adulthood.
Pasivno pušenje pojačava uticaj štetnih zagađivača

Just 10 Minutes In A Car With A Smoker Boosts Harmful Pollutants By Up To 30%

24.11.2012. Kids still exposed to dangers of second hand smoke as public bans don't target cars and homes, warn researchers
Fizičke aktivnosti dobre u borbi protiv Parkinsonove bolesti

All Kinds of Exercise May Be Good for Parkinson's

15.11.2012. There’s increasing evidence that people with Parkinson's disease who exercise do better than those who don’t, and that people who stop exercising do worse than those who continue to exercise.