Departments at the Clinic

Departments at the Clinic

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Observation and semi-intensive care unit

Observation and semi-intensive care Unit is equipped with two medical beds, with full monitoring ability for measuring all vital parameters. This Unit is available to our patients for the duration of evaluation of their illness. Unit is equipped with oxygen, non-invasive monitoring equipment that includes blood pressure, O2 saturation, respiration, two temperature measures, as well as all required medications. In addition, Unit has a portable ultrasound, EKG, pulse oxymeters, central vein catheter sets, intubation sets with Ambu masks, etc. All patients received in this Unit are eligible to permanent medical surveillance, with around-the-clock medical nurse presence, during their stay in this Unit.

Mobile team "Moja Klinika Plus" Program

All members of "Moja Klinika Plus" program have at their disposal 24-hour call center availability, and mobile teams that are equipped with portable ultrasound, EKG equipment, pulse oxymeter, portable laboratory and medications for emergency conditions. This service is available exclusively to members of "Moja Klinika Plus" Program. For more information on becoming a member, please contact Moja Klinika Call center.

Laboratory medicine and histopathology

Extremely important segment of diagnosing illness and its curing is laboratory testing. which apart from preventive significance has a large application in confirming a certain illness diagnose, and in monitoring treatment results. Histopathology is a science which deals in setting illness diagnose based on microscopic tissue sample analysis. For the first time in a private medical institution, these tests are available to market. What patients may not be familiar with is the fact that a simple PAPA test everywhere in the World is interpreted by pathologists. Moja Klinika is the only institution with private histopathology in Sarajevo, where medical results are being given by top pathologists, with consultations from leading European and World medical centers. 

Gynecology department

Female deseases and their prevention make a significant part of any health institution, as is the case with our clinic. Moja Klinika is the first clinic in Bosnia and Herzegovina to introduce radiofrequent energy therapy, which represents an optional treatment for condilome removal and for conization of uterus cervical, with existance of pre-cancerous lesions.  Gynecology department is run by  Dr. Rada Rakić-Kovačević.

Neurology department

Nervous system illnesses, among which is stroke, represent second leading cause of death in the World, and are being given major medical attention. What public is not aware of is that large number of these diseases can be treated with great success. Patients in the Moja Klinika Neurology department have a pain counselor at their disposal, as well as counselors for cerebrovascular illnesses and epilepsy, and a post-stroke rehabilitation team.

Diagnostics department

Diagnosis is the key to succesful treatment. Very often in pur practice, we face patients that have inaccurate diagnosis or have been given wrong diagnosis, which results in delayed successful treatment and may often result in permanent damage to patients' health. Moja Klinika practices approach to each patient with equal atention and evaluates simptoms while giving exact diagnosis. Chief of diagnostics department is Prim. Dr. Emir Talirević.

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine is a comprehensive discipline in medicine, which deals with diagnostics and curing diseases of all internal organs. Chief of Internal medicine department is Prim. Dr. Emir Talirević.