Quality and safety Quality and safety

Moja Klinika gives enormous significance to quality of its services. Each and every aspect of our work is subjected to regular internal and external quality controls. From the context and looks of the medical record, parameters given in them, all the way to therapeutically given directives. All of the mentioned procedures are constantly updated and reviewed in accordance to the latest World medical associations guidelines. Moja Klinika is in a continuous process of education and self-improvement.

Work of Medical doctors Work of Medical doctors

All Moja Klinika medical doctors are hired full time and on fixed salaries. In this way, Moja Klinika avoids creation of negative rivalry and financial urges during evaluation of our patients. This type of approach enables harmonious and constructive team work, which is most benefiting to our esteemed patients.

Staff meetings Staff meetings

Moja Klinika maintains a practice of having several daily joint medical staff meetings, where issues of our patients are being elaborated and discussed in details. Whether a patient comes to us for a laboratory set of tests, normal EKG or just looking for consultations for most complex medical issues, his/her medical cases will be discussed on our medical staff meetings, where a team of top medical experts will have an opportunity to give their suggestions and proposals for further diagnostic and therapeutic steps. In case of serious medical issues, patient’s name will be placed on our “active board”, where their status is constantly monitored and his/her vital parameters are continuously discussed, until finding solution to a problem or permanent stabilization of patient’s medical condition. With Moja Klinika, a patient always comes first!

Donate to Moja Klinika Donate to Moja Klinika

You have possibilities and desire to help improve healthcare in our environment? Make a donation to Moja Klinika and see the funds being used in curing those that cannot afford necessary medical care, equipping new medical facilities and introduction of new technologies into our environment. Your donation can make a significant change in healthcare, which is craving for improvements.

Participate in changes Participate in changes

For larger donors, Moja Klinika team can help in developing a budget plan for funds use, and explain global effects to positive healthcare and technology improvements. In this way, you directly participate in creating a new service, and are an integral part of project implementation to its full utilization and final activation.

Donations through institution Donations through institution

For all companies and other entities that wish to make a donation through any of medical exams available, our team is at your disposal and will assist you in designing an ideal medical exam for you and your employees. All proceedings from these organized reviews will be used for investments into new technologies and professional improvements of medical staff, where a donor/client will be kept informed in details. Your donation can significantly contribute to a faster development of healthcare in our Country.

Patients and their accompaniment accommodation Patients and their accompaniment accommodation

As Moja Klinika receives a number of patients from other cities, our call center will be pleased to make eventual accommodation reservation for patients’ accompaniment, or patients themselves, should their stay in Sarajevo last longer than one day. In accordance to respective wishes and preferences, Moja Klinika will do its best to locate and reserve adequate accommodation to suit our patients’ and their families needs.

Interpreter services for foreign nationals Interpreter services for foreign nationals

Moja Klinika staff is eloquent in English and certain medical doctors speak German, Arabic, Italian and Portuguese. For patients coming from other countries, Moja Klinika can provide interpreter services, with prior notification to our staff.  Please consult with Moja Klinika staff for receiving more detailed information.

Payment for services Payment for services

Payments for receiving Moja Klinika services can be made in cash or by major credit cards. Payment of services via bank orders is available to all members of Moja Klinika Plus program. If you are a bearer of any domestic or foreign additional medical coverage card, please contact Moja Klinika for obtaining information on validity of your medical insurance card in our institution.

For medical doctors For medical doctors

For all medical doctors, Moja Klinika offers services of professional consultations on any aspect of your patients’ diseases. All documentation can be forwarded to us via e-mail, with scanned copies of relevant medical findings. We commit ourselves to provide you with our opinion in the shortest possible time.

Should you need to perform any medical check, Moja Klinika will gladly provide our services and perform medical review according to standardized global criteria. The results will be forwarded to you for further reference and consultations with your respective patients.

For medical nurses For medical nurses

Moja Klinika provides a large set of educational activities that can help medical staff (nurses) to advance in their careers, and enable fast professional improvements and success in working with patients, regardless of their needs and demands.

Moja Klinika organizes education for mid-level medical staff, based on the type of activities and forms of illness. For a detailed list of activities and educative events, please refer to our CME calender.

For pharmaceutical institutions For pharmaceutical institutions

Moja Klinika organizes education of professional experts coming from pharmaceutical institutions. At these educational events, provided to pharmaceutical experts, we aim to explain positive aspects of the products they sell, as well as to communicate feedback from patients to the pharmaceutical world.

For more information, please contact Moja Klinika directly or refer to the CME activities schedule.